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Decadence Lollies
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Decadence Lollies

Sweet luxury on a stick

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    When the mind meanders towards the subject of decadence, lollipops rarely get a look in. After all, what have lollies got to do with excess? (Don't answer that). The point is everyone's favourite boiled sweet on a stick isn't something you associate with fast living. At least we hope it isn't!

    But in the immortal words of Kenneth ('66) Wolstenholme: 'It is now!' That's because clever confectioners have created two supremely lickable lumps of pure luxury in the highly suckable shape of Decadence Lollies.

    Decadence Lollies - Pearl First up is the Pearl Lollipop, a libido-raising treat made from raw cane sugar, wild Madagascan vanilla essence and ground natural pearls. The precious pearls within are said to give the lolly its potential potency - indeed pearl powder has been recognised as an aphrodisiac since ancient times. And now you can enjoy the benefits of consuming crushed bivalve bi-product without having to don your diving gear in search of blessed oysters.

    This iridescent ball of specially formulated lurve-on-a-stick is great for sharing with a close companion or presenting to someone you fancy. And, because it might just heighten, well, something, it makes for a great gift. Ding-dong!

    Decadence Lollies - Gold Next up there's the luxurious Goldilix Lolly, a fabulously sweet slab of translucent candy filled with flecks of genuine 24K gold. As well as tasting pretty special the glittering Goldilix is the perfect thing to pop in your gob if you're out partying or clubbing. Just remember to remove it from your mush before chatting anyone up. Otherwise you might sound like Peter Beardsley chewing a football. Not good.

    Decadence Lollies - Gold We think Decadence Lollies are the most exciting things to hit the world of hard candy since Willy Wonka dreamed up the everlasting gobstopper. Suck 'em and see!

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