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Daylight Projection Clock
  • Daylight Projection Clock

Daylight Projection Clock

Oh what a feeling, when the time is on your ceiling

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    One of these days we'll all be able to project the time onto any surface via built-in lasers in our eyeballs. Sadly, by then, we won't need to know what time it is (unless Chico's still knocking about) because we'll be living in a subterranean utopian society where time has become an abstract concept due to the demise of the sun. Or something like that.

    Daytime Projection Clock

    Anyone got the time?

    For this reason you should enjoy the idea of projected time while it lasts with the amazing Daylight Projection Clock. As its name suggests, this state-of-the-art timepiece projects the time, date and temperature onto any flat surface in any lighting condition, day or night, so you can use it 24/7.

    Daytime Projection Clock

    Swivels 180°

    In fact, not even full-on sunlight can wipe out this super chic clock's display. That's because built-in sensors will detect if the light in the room intensifies and increase the strength of the projection. Genius! What's more, the LED projector swivels 180°, so you can aim it at the wall, the ceiling or even the floor.

    Daytime Projection Clock

    Motion-sensitive snooze

    As well as its impressive powers of projection, this smart bedside companion features an easy-to-read LCD display and a motion-sensitive snooze alarm function. Simply wave your hand over the clock, Jedi-styley, to activate it; perfect for all you time-conscious layabouts who can't be bothered fumbling for buttons first thing in the afternoon.

    Daytime Projection Clock

    Adjustable focus

    In fact the Daylight Projection Clock is ideal for anyone who wants to know the time but can't be doing with all this turning over and squinting business. It's even stylish enough to sit in the living room, kitchen or anywhere else you can think of.

    We've seen dozens of projection clocks in our time but this ultra-cool gizmo renders them obsolete because you don't have to wait until night-time to use it. Besides, what kind of lightweight goes to bed or wakes up when it's dark? Get ordering - we're projecting a hit.

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