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Dave's Burning Nuts
  • Dave's Burning Nuts

Dave's Burning Nuts

Some like 'em hot

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    Dave's Burning Nuts

    Warning: Addictive Nuts!

    Warning: This product contains nuts. Lots of 'em. And they're hellishly hot. In fact they're liable to blow your head off. And that's because they come from Dave's Gourmet stable of thermonuclear sauces and nibbles. Nyaargh!

    But there's more to these eye-watering peanuts than you might imagine. Indeed everyone's talking about Dave's nuts - and that's not just cheap innuendo. Well it is, but the fact is Dave's Burning Nuts are the talk of the entire h-h-h-hot snack-loving community.

    Dave's Burning Nuts

    Foil fresh & resealable lid

    These smokin' peanuts have been coated in a fiery blend of Habanero chilli, garlic, onion and paprika. This potent combination makes each peanut insanely hot, not to mention incredibly moreish - perfect for scoffing as an X-rated accompaniment to a few pints of loudmouth soup. Dave's Burning Nuts also make great dinner party nibbles, especially if you accidentally on purpose forget to tell guests they ain't no ordinary nuts.

    Dave's Burning Nuts

    My God, it's full of nuts!

    Let's be honest the humble peanut could do with a bit of a makeover; the last time anything racy happened in the world of roasted legumes was when that dandy mascot bloke, Mr Peanut, appeared wearing nothing but a monocle and top hat. And that was in 1918!

    An ideal gift for fans of nuclear-strength nibbles and all things hot and tasty, Dave's Burning Nuts are guaranteed to add a dash of sizzling va va voom to your nut scoffing sessions. So hurry up and hit Buy. You'd be nuts not to!

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