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Datz Music Lounge
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Datz Music Lounge

There’s no limit!

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    Music Lounge

    USB key unlocks the website!

    Imagine being able to download as much music as you like for an entire year for under a hundred quid. Think about it. Millions of tracks by oodles of artists for less than the price of ten CDs. The incredible Datz Music Lounge lets you do exactly that. The only catch is…well, there isn’t one!

    Music Lounge

    With 1.4 million tracks available!

    A brilliant pressie for any music fan with a computer (ie: you), the Music Lounge gift set consists of a gold CD and a special USB ‘key’. Simply upload the software from the CD, then use the key to unlock Music Lounge’s idiot-proof download site. It’s easier than slagging off Westlife. You can even bung the software on two different computers.

    Unlike many download services (iWhat?) you can transfer your high quality MP3s to any device, as many times as you like. There’s no contract and nothing to pay (aside from the initial purchase price). And it’s all 100% legal.

    Music Lounge

    Install the software

    Unlock the site

    Start downloading!

    Of course, all this would be irrelevant if Music Lounge’s catalogue was pants, but it’s not. Its voluminous vault is packed with over 1.4 million tunes, from heavyweight labels such as EMI, Warner Music and more.

    Music Lounge

    Easy to use online search engine

    Music Lounge

    Start your downloading frenzy!

    Although our search for medieval crumhorn medleys proved fruitless, we’ve managed to download tracks by some seriously diverse acts, both cutting edge and classic, from Goldfrapp and the Mystery Jets to Van Halen and Toto Coelo (ask your dad). Sadly we’ve been unable to locate anything by One True Voice *they said whilst high-fiving each other* so maybe this ingenious service includes a pap filter too.

    If you can’t decide which CDs to buy for that special someone, Music Lounge is definitely the answer. And because recipients can download stuff for an entire year, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Now surely that’s music to everyone’s ears.

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