‘Waaarn hundrerrrrd ‘n’ ayyyytey’

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      Save for the poor unfortunates who throw like girls - the very same group of untrained individuals who made it to the age of 12 without the ability to put their swinging foot against a stationary football, never mind actually propel it forward in anything approaching a straight line - everyone likes a game of darts. And everyone watches the 'arrers' when it's on TV, that's a given.

      Winmau are to dartboards what HP is to brown sauce, being the best in the world and the only ones worth bothering with when it comes to getting premium product. Their PRO SFB board is the choice of pubs and clubs, in the classic green and red colouring like the board used in the World Championships.

      As for the darts themselves, weÂ’ve got a set of thicks (ESP, made from nickel and sliver with a steel tip) and thins (Vendetta, 80 per cent tungsten with a steel tip) to cater for both sides of the barrel type argument.

      A dartboard is like a great painting, in that it can be hung anywhere and add something extra to the room in which it finds itself. But as oil and canvas tend not to hold darts thrown at them, a dartboard is, therefore, a more sensible, rewarding and fruitful investment.

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