Summer Sale 2018
Darth Vader Vintage Kenner 12" Action Figure
  • Darth Vader Vintage Kenner 12" Action Figure

Darth Vader Vintage Kenner 12" Action Figure

We meet again at last!

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    Limited edition figure

    Much as we loved Kenner’s original Star Wars action figures from way back when, there was one tiny problem: they were barely 4” tall. Not that that mattered to titchy mitts. But now that we’re all grown up we want something more substantial to play with. And they don’t come more substantial than a limited edition 12” Darth Vader Vintage Kenner Action Figure.

    An exact replica of the first ever Darth Vader action figure, this Force-tremblingly evocative plaything has been created using digital scans of the classic 3 ¾” figure that thrilled an entire generation of Star Wars loons. Just like his smaller sibling, injection-moulded Darth is fully articulated and features a telescopic lightsaber in his arm. Impressive, most impressive!

    But it’s not all about Mr Vader because collectors are bound to appreciate his packaging as it boasts original artwork and photos and a resealable plastic clamshell so you can display the baddest dude in the galaxy in all his retro-boxed glory. Nerdy? Quite possibly, but who cares when you’re re-enacting that bit when Vader broke Action Man’s legs and got off with Barbie. Hold on…

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