Darth Vader USB Hub
  • Darth Vader USB Hub

Darth Vader USB Hub

There’ll be no-one to stop you this time

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    Darth Vader USB Hub


    If computer boffins had any sense they’d make sure computers were fitted with about twenty USB ports. But they haven’t so they don’t. Which is great news because it means you still need a USB hub – and they don’t come much cooler than this awesome Darth Vader mash up.

    Ideal for peripheral-packing sci-fi geeks who find their lack of ports disturbing, the 4-port Darth Vader USB Hub makes ominous breathing noises every time you plug in. Impressive, most impressive!

    Best of all you can gawp at the baddest dude in the galaxy’s gleaming helmet and flinch at that grotesque fright mask every time you plug in your astromech droid. Or your iPod. Only now at the end do you understand. It is useless to resist. All together now, ‘Daa-daa-daa, daa-dana-daa-dana!’

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