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Darth Vader Cookie Jar
  • Darth Vader Cookie Jar

Darth Vader Cookie Jar

That's the way the wookiee crumbles

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  • Detailed ceramic cookie jar in the style of Darth's famous helmet
  • Completely air-tight so it'll keep your biscuits fresh
  • Officially licensed by Lucasfilm
  • Won't breathe heavily or try to strangle you with the force
  • Does not contain the wrinkly blue face of Anakin Skywalker


Did Darth Vader eat cookies? Could he even eat anything? Would he have to take that helmet off every time? Was he force fed? Would the breathing apparatus not get riddled with crumbs?

We all witnessed a wrinkly little Anakin Skywalker beneath the mask in 'Return of the Jedi' – that guy did not look well. Poor diet? Never mind eating, what about drinking? Plastic straw? So many unanswered ramblings, we'll just have to wait and see what the new Disney sequels uncover.

For the time being, give in to your own sugary cravings and join us on the Dark Side – and what better place to stow your favourite biscuits than inside the iconic Darth Vader Cookie Jar. This fine piece of Sith storage is crafted from detailed ceramic and has a rubber-sealed lid to stop all your cookies from going chewie.

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  • "Looks amazing! Can fit in a tray and a half of mixed biscuits and looks pretty awesome in my kitchen."
    Rachael - 10th of March, 2015