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Dare Squares
  • Dare Squares
  • Dare Squares
  • Dare Squares

Dare Squares

Eat one or be square

Product not available at the moment.
Important information:
This product is discounted due to short shelf life. Best before 01/12/2018 for Peanut Butter and Buffalo Worms, and 31/12/2018 for Chilli Chocolate and Peppermint Chocolate.
Sh*t Hot right now
  • Superfood has never been this “scary” before!
  • Only kidding, they’re actually delicious
  • High in protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals, and omega 3 and 6!
  • Free from gluten, lactose, refined sugar, and nasty antibiotics!
  • Only downside is the bugs, the sustainable, surprisingly delicious bugs…


Do you dare to eat a square of delicious nutritious high protein superfoods? Even if they’re high in heart-and-brain-healthy omega 3 and 6 fats? You absolute madman. Oh yeah, and they may have some bugs in, but that’s no biggie.

Your choice of curious, good-stuff-rich insect flour teams up with organic medjool dates, seeds and nuts to form the perfect healthy, sustainable snack in the form of Dare Squares. Take your pick from:
  • Chilli, chocolate and cricket
  • Peanut butter and buffalo worm
  • Peppermint chocolate crickets

Despite the name, you need not be a daredevil to tuck into these tasty treats. The flour is so finely milled and surprisingly delicious that you’ll be none the wiser - buffalo worms actually taste like peanuts and fried crickets taste like popcorn!*

Still not convinced? Wow, tough crowd. We suppose you don’t want to taste the food of the future then… No, really. For 12x less feed and 20,000x less water than cattle, with almost none of the dangerous greenhouse gas emissions, you get:
  • Higher in vitamin B12 than salmon
  • Higher in iron than beef
  • Almost as calcium rich as milk
  • Approximately 60% protein, better than many protein supplements
  • Cricket flour even contains almost 30% more protein than a chicken breast!

What are you waiting for? ‘Bugger’ off and buy some!
Return information:

Due to the nature of this product, we are unable to offer our usual 30-day, no-quibble returns policy, if you later change your mind, or otherwise decide to return the product through no fault of Firebox. Click here for more info.

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  • "I cannot begin to tell you how much this book has helped. It is a totally different approach to anything I've been told before."
    Sam - 12th of April, 2018