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Sticks and stones

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    We're not really into all this ying/yang business, but one thing we will say about our friends in the Far East is that they sure know how to create intriguing games of strategy, especially ones that allow you to experience the natural flow and movement of the universe. (Yes, we nicked that last bit from the press blurb).

    Dao Deluxe
    Step forward Dao Deluxe, one of the most entertaining and addictive little games we've ever had the pleasure to play. Consisting of a roll-up bamboo game board and eight river stones, this deceptively deep game will have you captivated from the word go.

    Each player begins with four stones. The idea is to position or 'glide' them in a straight line (vertically, horizontally or diagonally), in all four corners, or in a square without jumping over your opponent's stones. And that, as Brucie used to say, is all there is to it. Well okay, not quite, because blocking an opponent into a corner using three of your stones spells instant defeat.

    Winning formations:
    Dao Deluxe

    Straight line

    All corners


    Dao Deluxe really has to be played to be appreciated as it combines the simplicity of noughts and crosses with the chin-stroking complexity of chess. And that can only be a good thing because those two classics have been keeping gamers entertained for centuries.

    Dao Deluxe

    All fits in a bamboo carry case

    Supremely portable, all the bits and bobs required to play Dao Deluxe (stones, game board, drawstring sack for storing stones and instruction parchment) are contained within a stylish bamboo carry case, so there's every chance onlookers will mistake you for some kind of mystical guru. Or a travelling sushi chef.

    As far as fiendishly compelling, easy-to-learn but difficult-to-master games go, Dao Deluxe is up there with the very best. So hurry up and hit Buy before gamers across the globe go completely Dao Deluxe doolally. Your move…

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