Danny Devito's Limoncello
  • Danny Devito's Limoncello
  • Danny Devito's Limoncello

Danny Devito's Limoncello

Little man, big spirit

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  • Made exclusively from highly-scented Sorrento lemons
  • Scratch and sniff lemon label
  • Emblazoned with DeVito's signature
  • He's the adorable Italian uncle you never had


There comes a point in every celebrity’s life where they think to themselves: You know what? Something should definitely be branded with my name. The resultant superfluous products are often hit or miss, but we’d like to introduce you to an indisputable gem – Danny DeVito’s Limoncello.

That's right, it turns out that the loveable pint-sized actor; known for his menacing performance of the Penguin in Batman, as the chunky little stripper in Friends and emerging naked and sweaty from a leather couch in cult classic It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is somewhat of a connoisseur.

Made exclusively from highly-scented Sorrento lemons grown on Italy’s Amalfi coast, his rich yellow-coloured liqueur is delicious served chilled or over ice as a refreshing digestif to follow your favourite Neapolitan dish.

This beautifully slender bottle features the little guy's signature, a unique scratch and sniff label (who doesn't love a bit of scratch and sniff?) and best of all he saw fit to commission a well-tuned crooner to compose one of the most fiercely catchy jingles you'll ever hear.

Danny DeVito's, Limoncello. It's a taste delight from this famous fellow. It's oh so very nice, perfect served cold on ice. The finest summer drink from Italy.
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