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Dancing Hamsters

    Dancing Hamsters

    An all-singing, all dancing furry animal? Surely not?

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      We all love our furry friends, donÂ’t we? But do your beloved pets sing familiar tunes in a high-pitched squeak, wear daft clobber and dance the night away?

      Ours do, and they donÂ’t even leave droppings or require a constant supply of sawdust. Yes animal lovers, our Dancing Hamsters are totally maintenance free and guaranteed to raise a laugh in any situation.

      With a mere squeeze of a chubby little paw (and the help of a couple of alkaline batteries), these lifelike creatures will sing their hearts out whilst performing a dazzling dance routine that never fails to amuse.

      Best of all, weÂ’ve got three funky sub-species to choose from:

      Kung Fu Hamster (available in black or white) is a karate-suited critter who wiggles, chops and ‘Hi yahs’ his way through a truly spectacular rendition of Kung Fu Fighting. Which, to be honest, is just a little bit frightening.

      (Click here to listen to an MP3 audio clip of the Kung Fu Hamster in action.)

      Jailhouse Rock Hamster is a pelvis thrusting rock ‘n’ roll rodent who ‘Uh-huh-huhs’ his way through (you guessed it) Jailhouse Rock, dressed in genuine jailhouse threads. Thangyouverymush.

      (Click here to listen to an MP3 audio clip of the Jailhouse Rock Hamster in action.)

      Last, but by no means least, comes Phat Daddy Mac Hamster, a body popping, bandana-clad fur ball who, despite sounding as if heÂ’s been mainlining helium, will knock you out with his celebrated interpretation of The Sugarhill GangÂ’s classic RapperÂ’s Delight.

      (Click here to listen to an MP3 audio clip of the Phat Daddy Mac Hamster in action.)

      As you can see, we think these furry funksters are an absolute hoot. But donÂ’t just take our word for it. Order one for yourself and see if you can keep a straight face!

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