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Dance Star Mickey

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    Child and dance star mickey

    Sing and dance along while
    Mickey gets his groove on!

    We’ve become so accustomed to seeing Mickey Mouse prancing around in those Disneyland ads that we’d almost forgotten what a cool dude he can be. So thank heavens Dance Star Mickey has moonwalked (yes, moonwalked!) into Firebox HQ to remind us of his all-round greatness.

    Incredibly huggable, this spectacularly entertaining mouse walks, talks, tells jokes, plays interactive games and even dances in a jaw-droppingly realistic fashion (well, realistic for an anthropomorphised mouse with big white gloves). Just press Mickey’s foot to trigger his hilarious routine. He even sings a wide range of songs, including Disco, Latin and Techno, in that instantly recognisable helium-tinged voice. Better still he encourages you to shimmy along. ‘Oh yeah, lemme hear ya!’

    If you love Mickey Mouse (and who doesn’t, aside from Big Pete?), Dance Star Mickey is guaranteed to have you laughing, singing and boogie-ing before you can say, ‘My, what big ears you have.’ So hit the Buy button pronto because this is one must-have mouse. All together now, ‘Oh, Toodles!’

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