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Dalek Replica

Wonders of the Whoniverse

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    army of Daleks

    Build a whole army of Dalek Replicas!

    You just can’t keep a good Dalek down. No matter how many incarnations of the Doctor banish them to oblivion, or blow them to bits, the grizzly dustbins just keep coming back. But it’s hardly a surprise – the short-tempered despots have been fan-favourites since they first appeared in 1963. Until now though, their quest for total annihilation was limited to the Doctor Whoniverse. Well not anymore...

    The Dalek Replica is hand-built to order, using the original moulds and specifications from the BBC Props Department. Officially licensed by the Beeb, it stands at a life-sized 5’3” tall, comes in a range of classic colours and has a whole range of features to play with.

    single black Dalek outside building

    Exterminate! EXTERMINATE!!

    The arms are mounted on ball joints, allowing them to be moved – or wiggled in rage, as was more common. The plunger arm can be extended in and out and the iconic dome can be rotated 360°. What’s more, inset casters in the base let you move it around with ease. But we know what you really want to ask – can I ride in it?

    And the answer is – no! Unfortunately. This faithful replica is built in exactly the same way as the ones appearing on TV. Which means they’re not made for driving to the shops. But what you get instead is a Dalek that looks and feels exactly like the ones that used to have you running to your mum, or fosbury flopping over the sofa to safety.

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