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Dalek Keychain Torch
  • Dalek Keychain Torch

Dalek Keychain Torch

Doctor, Doctor, there’s a Dalek on my keyring!

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    Dalek Keychain Torch


    Trying to get the door key in your Tardis after a night on the tiles isn’t easy, especially when you’ve spent all night shuffling around the pub yelling ‘Exterminate!’ with one fist on your forehead and the other arm doing that outstretched egg whisk thing. For this reason you must ‘O-bey!’ and buy the Dalek Keychain Torch.

    Thanks to an ultra bright LED this wicked little key fob accessory is ideal for Whovians in need of emergency light. Use it to illuminate post-pub kebabs or to locate keyholes when you’re stumbling around the wastelands of Skaro. It’s also perfect for anyone who’s ever cowered behind the sofa as the Daleks destroy mankind (ie: exterminate a few second-rate actors off The Bill).
    Dalek Keychain Torch

    Okay, so it’s not made from Dalekanium, and female assistants are unlikely to be impressed unless they dig miniaturised icons of supreme evil. But who cares when you’re using it to re-enact the Battle of Canary Wharf. Get ordering or you will be EX-TER-MI-NATED!

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