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Da Vinci's Secret
  • Da Vinci's Secret

Da Vinci's Secret

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    eW evol selzzup. If you're too divvy to work out what that says, then Da Vinci's Secret is definitely not for you. But don't get too excited if you sussed it because deciphering backwards spelling is a piece of proverbial compared to unlocking the secrets entombed within this intriguing wooden puzzle.

    Da Vinci's Secret

    Good things come in beautiful packaging

    Da Vinci's Secret is the first in a series of tooth-grindingly addictive puzzles for all you fans of conspiracy, enigma and, er, renaissance painters. Because as everyone knows, as well as being pretty handy with a paint brush, Leonardo is said to have incorporated mirror scripts, arcane codes and clues to great mysteries within his scribblings and paintings.

    Maybe that's why he's lent his name to this brain-mangling puzzle. Beautifully boxed and worthy of display, Da Vinci's Secret is a baffling wooden thingamabob containing a hidden scroll. Release the scroll and you'll discover clues that will help you solve subsequent Da Vinci puzzles as well as a password that gives you access to more info online. Talk about the thot plickening!

    Da Vinci's Secret

    Puzzling? You have no idea!

    The puzzle itself is made up of seven revolving wooden blocks. Don't ask us what you're supposed to do with them - we've tried spinning them, arranging them at funny angles, turning them sequentially, even lining them up with the planets, and we still can't pull 'em apart. Where's Tom Hanks when you need him? If we don't crack the infuriating thing soon, we're going to resort to the smash-to-smithereens method!

    Da Vinci's Secret

    The scroll

    Once you start fiddling with Da Vinci's Secret you'll become obsessed with releasing the scroll inside. And even if you don't, this gorgeously crafted puzzle makes a fantastic desktop ornament; it's so well put together it's almost sculptural. Which is rather fitting when you consider its namesake was a dab hand with a hammer and chisel. In fact it seems Leonardo Da Vinci was annoyingly brilliant at everything, so isn't it a shame he's no longer around to help us solve this incredibly immersive mind mangler. Aargh!

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