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Da Bomb
  • Da Bomb

Da Bomb

It’s a taste explosion

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    scale shot

    Fill with treats to keep your
    dog entertained

    Looking like it just tumbled out of an old-school cartoon, Da Bomb is actually a clever indoor toy for dogs. How? Well, apart from the enticing bit of rope, the tough rubber exterior houses a little cavity for treats. Pop a few in and let your pooch live out their natural need to dig, forage and play – without destroying the living room or leaving holes all over your garden.

    Not only does it give your dog a little intellectual stimulation as they figure out how to free the treats, but Da Bomb is perfect for giving overweight hounds some much-needed exercise. Knock it against any firm surface and it’ll even make a satisfying explosion sound. Exercise, brain training, and sound effects? That really is da bomb!

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