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D'Zign Digital Camera

    D'Zign Digital Camera

    A stonking 2.1-megapixels of resolution and a silly name into the bargain.

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      Since cameras were invented photographers have been asking their subjects to 'say cheese' as a way of getting them to look as if they are smiling (try it yourself while looking in a mirror - it might look a little fake, but at least you are staring stonily like a Victorian) With the introduction of the fantastically named but D'Zign Che-ez! we have a real reason to break out into a genuine, beaming grin.

      rear view

      Idiosyncratic spelling aside, there's plenty here to hold your interest. Gaze in awe, for instance, at the 2.1-megapixel CMOS sensor that delivers shots of up to 1600x1200-pixel resolution. Examine the generous 16MB of flash memory. Drink in the SD/MMC card slot that allows you to expand the memory should you find it a little too limiting. Lap up the 1.6" LCD display. Admire the integrated flash.

      lens detail

      The D'zign's 16MB of flash memory – itself a fair chunk of memory for a snapper at this price is enough to hold 20 images in fine (1600x1200) resolution and up to 37 should you turn the quality down a notch and make do with the very respectable 1280x960 normal mode. Of course, the aforementioned SD/MMC slot allows up to 256MB of extra memory to be bolted onto the D'zign, enough for 180 shots in top quality mode. And then, of course, there's the video clip function, which allows you to capture 90 seconds worth of your friend doing a silly dance, or whatever else takes your fancy.

      screen detail

      In any case, the D'zign manages to straddle the twin disciplines of aesthetics and functionality, which is no mean feat. Available in traditional silver or mean and moody black, the Che-ez is far from cheesy. If fact, you'll be hard pushed to find a classier looking camera at this price point. Brings a smile to your face, doesn't it?

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