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DXi Slide Hi Fi
  • DXi Slide Hi Fi

DXi Slide Hi Fi

Stand up and be mounted!

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    Yeah, yeah - we know you've got tons of music on your computer and an MP3 player that's stuffed to the max with your favourite tunes. You've probably even got a whacking great Harry Bigbutton Hi-Fi that goes up to eleven plonked in your sitting room. But we bet you haven't got a super-slim upright sound system that fits almost anywhere - including the wall!

    If you have, we've got just one question: what's it like living on the Starship Enterprise? If you haven't, read on. The DXI Slide Hi-Fi is a staggeringly stylish sound system that's ideal for anyone who wants big sounds without the bulk. This sexy-looking machine sits upright, PS2-style, and despite its awesome performance takes up less surface-space than a couple of hardback books.

    Perfect as a primary or secondary sound system, the beautifully built DXI Slide Hi-Fi is a study in contemporary design and function, yet it costs under a ton. Impressed? You will be, because this superb sliver of circuitry has a sleek sliding door, a programmable CD player with CD-R/RW readability, an AM/FM stereo radio, a funky blue backlit LCD display and a smart little remote control. All this and it still manages to look like something Captain Picard might play with in his oh-so-stylish quarters.

    Super-svelte two-way speakers deliver crisp sonics that defy the DXI's pocket-friendly price tag and more than match the performance of cumbersome, block-style rivals.

    Best of all, the DXI's upright styling means it can be positioned practically anywhere: bookshelf, desk, above a bed - you name it. Everything you need to wall mount the DXI is included (well, except the drill), so you can achieve that ultramodern, uncluttered look in an instant. Go on, take your music to the vertical limit.

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