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    New version: Fireplace
    The hot new Fireplace DVD is packed with a sizzling seven firey features plus DVD extras!


      As seen on.. Eastenders! Two of the most relaxing sights a person can enjoy from the comfort of their sofa are the hypnotic, warming rhythms of the flames dancing on a real coal fire, and the soothing, fluid motions of tropical fish as they circle a well-stocked fish tank. Unfortunately, getting to the stage where you can kick back and watch those activities involve some hard work, a significant wedge of money and getting your hands dirty. Unless, of course, you're watching them on DVD.

      DVDAquarium The Fireplace DVD recreates the wonderfully relaxing ambience of a roaring log fire, coal fire, coal embers... Gas fire? Electric fire? Tongue firmly in cheek, this new release has really rekindled our burning passion for the hot-stuff. Though packed with a variety of heat based episodes, it also boasts wacky extras such as subtitles ("Gentle flutter of flames... Crackle...") and an amusing insight into the Discovery of Fire.

      DVD includes:
      DVD Fireplace The log fire...
      DVD Fireplace
      Gas fire...
      DVD Fireplace Coal fire...
      DVD Fireplace Electric fire...
      DVD Fireplace Coal Embers...
      DVD Fireplace Fake effect 1...
      The dawning.
      DVD Fireplace Fake effect 2...
      The awakening.

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