DVD Gift Maze
  • DVD Gift Maze

DVD Gift Maze

You've got to be cruel to be kind

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    Well... you could get a hammer!

    Everyone loves music, movies and games. Everyone loves puzzles. Thankfully the DVD Gift Maze is one of those brilliantly annoying gizmos that combines all of the above, as recipients must solve it in order to access whatever pressie you put inside. These infuriatingly addictive puzzles are guaranteed to send friends and relatives loopy with frustration.

    "I can see it... But I just can't get at it! Aaargh!"

    As its name suggests this vexing little case is ideal for imprisoning DVDs, but you can also use it to video games, CDs and books.


    The box has all the instructions on how to use it

    We're not telling you how to solve this knuckle-gnawing brain-teaser (yes, of course we've cracked it) but it involves manoeuvering a little steel ball through a labyrinthine maze. And if you think that sounds easy, think again.

    We've seen grown men reduced to tears trying to open one of these deceptively devious blocks. And there wasn't even anything in it! Imagine if there's something inside that the recipient really, really wants. It's cruel... but awfully funny.

    Flummoxed owners might be tempted to take the direct approach and smash their maze to smithereens with a heavy object. But then they'd be unable to use it again. And that would be a shame because as well as being a brilliant way to give vouchers, games, movies and more, this maze is a hideously compelling puzzle. The root of all evil? Hit the Buy button and find out.

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