DV4000 Camcorder

    DV4000 Camcorder

    Become a top moviemaker for under £150

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      Conventional wisdom dictates that 7 into 1 simply doesn't go, especially in the world of compact camcorders. But thanks to the incredibly svelte 7-in-1 Mustek DV4000 Multifunction Camcorder, conventional thinking has been thrown out of the window, stomped on, run over by a freight train and flattened by a grand piano tied to a ten-ton comedy anvil.

      The DV4000 really is one amazing piece of hardware. Not only does it cram in 7 different features, it also records in MPEG-4 format - the new standards for video, which means file size is greatly reduced, with a corresponding increase in recording time.

      Mustek DV4000 - sideways

      But what's all this 7-in-1 business, you ask? Well, in addition to being a digital camcorder, the DV4000 is also a digital still camera, an MP3 player, a digital voice recorder, a video camera, a card reader AND a PC Cam! Unless we have messed up our arithmetic, that is seven functions in one small, svelte case!

      Mustek DV4000 - in hand

      The DV4000 comes complete with everything you need to start making your very own movies, including a driver CD, USB cable, tripod, strap, camera bag, earphone, 32MB MMC card and rechargeable Li-ion battery. All that's missing is a sycophantic lackey and a chair with your name on it.

      Mustek DV4000 - controls

      MPEG-4 encoding makes possible a 'Realtime' video recording frame rate of 30fps (@ 352x288). With a 256MB SD card you can record around 1 hour of footage! Add to this the 4.0 Mega pixel picture resolution and you can see that the DV4000 is certainly no slouch in the clarity department. And, despite its highly sophisticated control panel, this gorgeous camera is so user-friendly even a total Michael Winner can achieve Spielberg-esque results instantly.

      Mustek DV4000 - front

      We honestly think the DV4000 is the most impressive little cam to come along in quite a while. So get your mitts on one of these amazing cameras and maybe you could be the new Tarantino. You can upgrade the standard 32MB memory via the Secure Digital and MultiMedia Card memory slot to boost capacity. Secure Digital cards can be bought at Firebox separately, or you can buy them bundled with the DV4000.

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