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DTV Shredder
  • DTV Shredder

DTV Shredder

Chew on the scenery

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    jumping on the DTV Shredder

    Get some height!

    For some people, the best way to handle rough terrain is with a bobble hat, knee-high socks, and thighs slathered in liniment. Others, however, see it as a good chance to throw some magnificent tech into the mix and see what comes out. The machine-heads behind the DTV Shredder fall into this second category (thankfully).

    A snarling hybrid of skateboard, motocross bike and panzer tank, the DTV Shredder is the next generation of all-terrain vehicle. Already garnering attention from the US military, this rugged one-person vehicle pushes the competition into the long grass when it comes to handling tough terrain. The rider stands sideways on the Shredder, planted on a modified skateboard deck for improved balance and a narrower wheelbase. Although “wheelbase” is perhaps the wrong word. Because the DTV Shredder is propelled by two enormous caterpillar tracks.


    Fold the steering down and it can be remotely operated too!

    When it comes to difficult terrain, these independently-powered treads will chew on anything; from snow and ice, to loose sand, to marsh and mud. Thanks to the shape of the tracks and the Shredder’s low centre of gravity, it’ll overcome 40 degree inclines and make mincemeat of obstacles that would scupper a wheeled vehicle.

    Close up of the tracks

    Impressive wheels!

    jumping on the DTV Shredder

    It will chew up almost any terrain!

    But don’t let the heavy looks fool you. The 200cc engine lets you hammer along at up to 30mph. This might not seem very fast (“My Punto’s got more oomph than that!”), but picture yourself travelling at this speed over loose and uneven ground, on a modified skateboard deck, without seatbelts, and a roaring tank track on either side of you doing its level best to find Australia. We can assure you – unless your surname’s Knievel – 30mph is all the speed you’ll need!

    As if this isn’t enough to part you with your pocket money, the powerful engine will carry a payload up to 1200lbs and is designed to haul a specially-designed trailer behind it. With the handlebars folded down in this mode, it can even be – get this – remotely operated!

    With all these features it’s a dream-machine for any petrol head or extreme sports lunatic. The only thing it’s missing is a machine gun – although the US military haven’t ruled it out.

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