DOCS2GO Scanner for iPad
  • DOCS2GO Scanner for iPad

DOCS2GO Scanner for iPad

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    Follow the Laptop Vs. Tablet debate online and soon enough you’ll find a smart alec comment like “When someone tells you they own an iPad, reply with ‘as well as what?’ LOL”. Well for all those who might do the plucky iPad down, we’ve found another bit of kit that’ll bring it in line with home computers.

    The DOCS2GO Scanner for iPad is a sleek, portable scanner for documents, photos and more. Just dock your iPad in the standard 30-pin connector, feed your documents through the scanner and they’ll instantly appear on the iPad’s screen. Magic!

    Well, not magic. Technology. But the DOCS2GO is so easy to use it’ll feel like there’s some kind of wizardry at work. And it looks a darn sight cooler than your flatbed scanner, too.

    The whole thing is powered by your iPad’s 10W power adaptor. So it’s easy to carry about in a backpack along with your tablet. Scan photos round at your friend’s house, file your expenses from the coffee shop, or copy the menu in every restaurant you visit. The DOCS2GO Scanner for iPad gives you all the benefits of a scanner, without losing any of the portability. Score 1 for the tablets!

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