Alternative Christmas Gifts
Alternative Christmas Gifts

DIY USB Flash Drive Heroes

And then a hero comes along

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  • Choose from two of the mankind's greatest heroes
  • Flash drive stays protected, Pez dispenser style
  • 8GB of serious storage capacity
  • Accessories and weapons for extra 'protection'
Choose from two of the greatest warriors ever to walk the Earth (well, their respective courtyards, at least); the Kung-Fu Master or the mighty Queens Guard.

Packing some serious storage capacity, each 8GB flash drive is fashioned from tactile, water resistant silicone. Featuring multiple moving parts and accessories, the DIY USB Flash Drive Heroes are some very flash drives indeed.

Unlike many novelty USB sticks, you won’t lose the protective cap of your flash little friend and the techy section is always protected, Pez dispenser style. Build yours from the ground up, and rest safe in the knowledge that they're the heroes your data deserves.

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