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DIY Synth Kit
  • DIY Synth Kit
  • DIY Synth Kit
  • DIY Synth Kit
  • DIY Synth Kit
  • DIY Synth Kit

DIY Synth Kit

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DIY Synth Kit
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  • Create electronic music by building your very own synthesiser
  • You can make your own musical instrument. Pretty freakin' dope.
  • Ideal for both intermediate and more advanced makers
  • The synth is reusable
  • No stinking soldering required
  • Next stop, Daft Punk


Always reckoned Daft Punk would have been better as a trio? The third member being you? Always wondered why they never did call back? They'll be hot on your heels in no time once you've taken this DIY Synth Kit for a spin.

Yes, you can make your own electronic music by building your very own synthesiser.

By plugging the components into the prototyping breadboard you can create three different type of synth: a Dub Siren, Stutter and Atari.

No soldering is required and three potentiometers control the volume, pitch and frequency. Use that ingenious imagination of yours to make circuit changes and add new parts to create an array of smashing new sounds. You can even add a custom keyboard to hook it up with your computer.

Next stop, the Billboards.

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15 Reviews

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  • "My boyfriend (a music producer) truly loves this and it’s so decently priced!"
    - 20th of July, 2020
  • "Unique and fun gift for my music-loving cousin. Exciting to build your own instrument and then play it in different ways too."
    - 17th of June, 2020
  • "bought as a gift, so easy to put together and my brother finds it so fun! even a 22 year old can play around"
    - 3rd of April, 2020
  • "Fab item, arrived really quickly and it made my husband really happy! "
    - 17th of January, 2020
  • "This was an amazing thing to offer my boyfriend! I was looking for something out of the box and this was it. It could only be at Firebox! "
    - 17th of December, 2019