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DIY Ice Pop
  • DIY Ice Pop

DIY Ice Pop

Stick it to the (ice cream) man

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Sh*t Hot right now


    Kids today, eh? Don’t know they’re born. Back in our day if it was hot, all we had to suck on was an ice cube. And that was between five of us. And we made it last three weeks.

    Alright, that might not be true. But even so, the number of different ice lollies available to kids (and grown ups) these days is staggering. And the cost of what is basically frozen fruit juice is going up and up!

    Pour in your favourite juice Fix the lid on Freeze overnight

    Pour in your favourite juice

    Fix the lid

    and freeze!

    Kylie eating her DIY Ice Pop


    Thank goodness then for the DIY Ice Pop. Say goodbye to overpriced ices and get more lolly for your lolly with this simple to use silicone mould. Make ice pops from your favourite fruit squash, or better still – fizzy drinks! You could even serve drinks with a twist at your own evening soirees, with a selection of tongue-in-chic champagne pops!

    Just add your choice of juice to these simple silicone moulds and freeze. They’re simple, clean and inexpensive. Make them using freshly-squeezed fruit juice or smoothie and a DIY Ice Pop could even be one of your five a day!

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