DIY Hooch Kit
  • DIY Hooch Kit
  • DIY Hooch Kit

DIY Hooch Kit

Alcoholic alchemy

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  • The greatest invention since alcohol itself
  • Transform soft drinks into boozy delights in just 48 hrs
  • Feel like a modern day messiah


We've all heard the stories about a certain peace-loving dude and how he turned water into wine. Not an easy party trick that.

Thankfully, now we can all be modern day messiahs, and enjoy the ability to turn dreary old juice into a much more potent potion. With the DIY Hooch Kit.

Simply combine the 'magical' powder with your juice, pop in the plug and wait.

The minimum time for fermentation is 48 hours but the longer you leave it to work the more potent your drink will become (to a maximum A/C of 14%).

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