DIY Gamer Kit
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  • DIY Gamer Kit
  • DIY Gamer Kit

DIY Gamer Kit

Playing video games

Product not available at the moment.
  • Build your own games console. Literally. Seriously. OMFG.
  • Create your own video games and learn to code your inventions
  • Super easy-to-use software
  • Enjoy the games you invent on the console you built
  • Sure to get all aspiring programmers hot under the collar


Make it. Play it. Hack it. Code it. Then enjoy the games you invented on the console you built.

Combining retro gaming and garage hacking, this is a hand-held games console that you make yourself by soldering together all of the parts. Learn to code your inventions into reality.

You'll get an Arduino Uno, custom-designed PCB shield, and an LED matrix that delivers a stunning 64 pixels of graphical feedback alongside an IR transmitter adding support for multi-play and a small piezo buzzer that brings a sonic dimension to the system. Basically, nerd stuff.

With legendary games such Breakout and Snake coming pre-installed, the real fun lies with using those as an easy transition to the source code, where you can start creating entirely new ones.

We. Can't. Even.

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