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DC Comics: Golden Age (1935-1956) Coffee Table Book

A Comic Compendium

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  • Featuring everyone from Batman and Superman to (slightly) lesser known legends like Plastic Man and Hawkman
  • Incredibly strong and beautifully presented
  • Over 400 pages of imagery and anecdotes from DC's Golden Age
  • From the '30s and '40s (it was a slightly more racist/sexist time)
The ‘30s and ‘40s were the Golden Age for graphic storytelling; when the legendary Joe Kubert (among others) oversaw the introduction of some of our most cherished superheroes.

With over 400 full-colour pages (except when they were black and white), this coffee table book celebrates the first 20 years of the almighty DC Comics.

Incredibly big for a book and possessing an almost indestructible cover, it’s practically a superhero itself. Suitable for both secret lairs and contemporary coffee tables it represents a historical (and hugely entertaining) undertaking for nerds and newcomers alike.

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