Cyborg RAT-7 Gaming Mouse
  • Cyborg RAT-7 Gaming Mouse

Cyborg RAT-7 Gaming Mouse

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    Looking like a Transformer that’s been caught mid-change, the crazy-looking Cyborg RAT-7 Gaming Mouse has shunned smooth curves in favour of mind-blowing functionality. In fact, with an arsenal of customisable options at its disposal, this may very well be the greatest gaming mouse ever made.

    First of all, the RAT-7 has interchangeable parts – pull bits off and clip bits in, then adjust the mouse’s overall length and the position of the thumb panel, so that it perfectly matches your hand.

    Finding it too heavy? Just shed some weight! Not only can you adjust the RAT-7’s shape, but five removable weights let you tweak the mouse’s mass until you find your perfect working weight.

    But what makes this such a great mouse for gaming? Well to start with, there’s the Precision Aim Mode. Making in-game targeting a doddle, this unique feature lets you set your preferred Precision Aim speed (mouse sensitivity) for taking out the enemy. When it’s time to take your shot, just press this button and slow down your mouse speed to line up your shot perfectly!



    The RAT-7 also lets you flick between three customisable Cyborg modes, so you can change your mouse sensitivity or button functions in an instant. Did we mention the buttons? There are seven of them in all – five of which you can programme yourself.

    Supported by a lightweight metal chassis, and with a multi-directional tracking speed of 6m/second, this incredible mouse offers unparalleled performance. So yes, it may look like Megatron’s kneecap, but with a level of customisability and functionality this high, the RAT-7 is a truly stunning piece of design.

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