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    We've all fantasized about blasting a six-legged alien into oblivion at some point in time (or is that just us?). The point is, unless you're planning on auditioning for the next Alien movie or relocating to the Planet Tharg, you're not going to get the chance to lay into a tentacle-waving extraterrestrial anytime soon. Unless of course you purchase Cyborg Blaster. Yes, alien lovers/haters, now you too can blast the living tentacles out of a wriggling, six-legged freak with this fantastically thrilling shooting game. Cyborg Blaster is out of this world in terms of sheer adrenaline pumping entertainment, and we guarantee ownership of this space-age shoot 'em up will instantly elevate you to the position of most popular person in town.

    Basically, Cyborg Blaster is a hi-tech update on the laser shooting games of yesteryear (anyone remember Tin Can Alley?).The difference is, this pesky critter won't keep still for a second. And trying to aim at a thrashing, flashing multi-tentacled monster is not as simple as it sounds.

    Simply hang Cyborg Blaster over the top of a door, switch it on, select the desired mode, step back (up to 9ft) and take aim with your powerful hi-tech hand cannon. As Cyborg Blaster's wriggling, writhing tentacles randomly light up, your task is to disable them one-by-one by accurately blasting away with your invisible laser beam. This gripping intergalactic thrillfest is accompanied by a cacophony of superb sound effects, and Cyborg Blaster even shakes and screams when hit. All that's missing is the acidic green goo!

    With several increasingly challenging and complex modes, Cyborg Blaster really is a blast, and just when you think it's time to say "Game over, man, game over!" (like that guy in Aliens), the going gets even tougher. Cyborg Blaster provides hours of laser-based alien target practice - so, should real aliens ever invade, we'll know precisely who to call for assistance; because in the front room, no one can hear you scream.

    Please note: The Cyborg Blaster comes in three variations:

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