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Cyberman Official Replica Helmet Prop
  • Cyberman Official Replica Helmet Prop

Cyberman Official Replica Helmet Prop

The age of steel is upon us!

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    Much as we love the Daleks they've got one major deficiency: they don't wear helmets. (Well they do, but plungers on pudding bowls don't count). And as every sci-fi nut knows, any baddie worth his bio-matter vaporiser needs a mean-looking lid. Just ask Darth Vader, Boba Fett and the Cylons.

    Cyberman Replica Display Helmet


    But when it comes to iconic headgear, nothing beats the spectacularly cool helmets worn by the new breed of Cybermen. Designed to replace the tinfoil tat worn by previous incarnations of the cybernetically augmented nasties, these stunning 2006 redesigns have an ominous, art deco look about them, giving a whole new generation of Dr Who fans cause to scarper behind the sofa.

    And now, thanks to Firebox, you can own an officially licensed replica without taking the Tardis to Mondas. Lovingly crafted by the exact same team behind the menacing metallic monsters seen pursuing David Tennant's Dr Who on TV, these design masterpieces have been created using the original moulds.

    Cyberman Replica Display Helmet

    Made from 11 separate components

    Each helmet is made up of 11 separate components, most of which are cast in cold aluminium resin. This gives the finished product a genuine metal finish that's so realistic it's cold to the touch. It also causes the metals to react differently during production, so no two helmets are the same.

    Cyberman Replica Display Helmet

    Painstakingly polished

    The cast parts are crafted, trimmed and painstakingly polished by hand before a special finishing compound is used to bring that familiar steel-like sheen to the surface. The helmets even tarnish, weather and age. Any more realistic and you'd have to call the Doctor!

    Each stunning replica is individually numbered and comes with its own Certificate of Ownership signed by Neill Gorton, the multi award-winning prosthetic make-up artist responsible for the creation of the all-new Cybermen. Collectable? Just a bit.

    Cyberman Replica Display Helmet

    Display stand

    Fair play, these striking examples of sci-fi design don't come cheap, but when you consider their iconic status, total uniqueness and beautiful build-quality, they're a bargain. With all this talk of Cybermen, it's only fitting we close with a relevant Cyberman catchphrase, but seeing as "Delete!" is the new one we'll have to go with the slightly rubbish but entirely appropriate original: "Excellent!"

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