Cyberhome Portable DVD Player

    Cyberhome Portable DVD Player

    Portable do-it-all DVD player

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      The term 'mobile entertainment' often conjures up images of bouncy castles, unfunny puppet shows and end-of-the-pier discos run by fading Z-elebs who think Agadoo is an ironic dance classic.

      Of course, here at Firebox HQ, mobile entertainment is all about the latest and greatest portable gizmos, and few things excite us more than the thought of being able to watch our favourite movies on the move. Because, let's be honest, when you're on the move and bored witless, nothing crunches away those hours like a movie. After all, you don't see that many bouncy castles on long haul aircraft do you?

      Cyberhome Portable DVD Player: disc showing

      The question is, how do you watch your favourite films when you're not at home, in the cinema, or cruising at 37,000ft? The answer, dear movie buffs, is simple: purchase the phenomenally portable Cyberhome CH-LDV 710 DVD Player.

      Measuring a convenient 26.5mm(H) x186mm (W) x140mm (D), this small but feature-packed multi-media player is ideal for use on planes, trains and automobiles (assuming you're not the one doing the driving/flying), and does everything a home DVD player does and more.

      Cyberhome Portable DVD Player: closed

      Indeed, as well as its compatibility with DVD, DVD-R/RW, SVCD, VCD, CD-R/RW and MP3, the Cyber Home also supports JPEGs, making it possible to view digital photos on CD or DVD. The Cyberhome's dinky but deluxe 7'' LCD display offers exceptional picture quality with a 16:9 screen aspect ratio, and also adjusts to fit movies recorded for standard 4:3 TV format, so it's as comfortable playing The Matrix as it is showing Carry On Camping.

      Cyberhome Portable DVD Player: controls

      The super-thin rechargeable battery lasts approx. 2-2.5 hours, so as long as you're not into watching biblical epics in one, peripatetic go, you won't be disappointed. Besides, with its DC input and cigarette lighter adaptor, topping up is easy. And should you ever get stuck in a traffic jam (heaven forbid), just kick back, relax and watch your favourite movie again. Falling Down, perhaps?

      Cyberhome Portable DVD Player: thickness

      As well as being supremely portable, the Cyberhome can also be plugged into a TV, and supports both PAL and NTSC formats. Sound wise, the Cyberhome is compatible with multi-channel audio in Dolby digital and DTS. And speaking of audio, this do-it-all DVD boasts two built-in stereo loudspeakers plus a headphone jack.

      Cyberhome Portable DVD Player: with Remote

      This fantastic bit of kit really is the perfect travelling companion for film fans everywhere and, thanks to its staggeringly measly price tag, a bargain to boot. In fact, we reckon the Cyberhome's the best thing to hit the movies since the invention of the popcorn mega bucket!

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