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Cyberhome Multi-Region DVD Player - 25% off!

    Cyberhome Multi-Region DVD Player - 25% off!

    Death to the multiplex!

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      As any film-loving tech-head worth their salt will tell you, there's no better way to watch a film than on a DVD player, short of a trip to your local IMAX of course. Anyone reading this while using a screwdriver to pluck stray bits of magnetic tape from the playback heads of their 'trusty' VCR should take a deep breath, count to four, and hurl the tape-munching relic in the direction of the nearest bin.

      Cyberhome Multi-region DVD player For those of us not familiar with the fastest selling format ever created, here's a quick guide: firstly, there's the ridiculously expensive DVD that'll play every format that's ever been invented and will set you back the same money as a four-year old Merc. Secondly, there's the budget variety that'll playback DVDs to a decent standard, but isn't going to threaten the local multiplex for picture quality or bowel-loosening surround sound. And thirdly, thanks to your good chums here at Firebox, there's now a third category: the ridiculously inexpensive, yet feature-packed variety that looks and sounds so good you can stick a couple of bouncers on the front door and charge admission. Witness the majesty of the Cyberhome DVD-505. Now with a new and improved ST-AUDIO chipset!

      Cyberhome  Multi-region DVD player Now the powers that be in the world of DVD would rather you didn't watch films imported from the US. The reason for this is staggered cinema release schedules that mean while one film is available to buy in the US, it's only just about to get a cinema release here. It just wouldn't be tennis to have punters in this country getting hold of American discs and watching the film at home, would it? Well, perhaps not, but the Cyberhome neatly sidesteps such concerns by playing discs from anywhere in the world. All you got to do is type the code, that we have provided below and the world is yours. Not content with this superhuman feat, it'll also deal with the film fat-cat's latest attempt to stop you watching discs early: a new system called "RCE" (which stands for "Region Coding Enhanced"). Without going into the technical details, the Cyberhome Multi-region will even play RCE-encoded discs, unlike a lot of the Multi-region players on the market. Yep, the Cyberhome's got all the bases covered, nay positively smothered.

      Cyberhome Multi-region DVD player Factor in the long-as-your-arm features list, including on-board surround sound decoding, more connection options than you can shake a troubled film company exec at, and compatibility with MP3-encoded discs, and you've got yourself the only DVD player you'll ever need. You'd have thought sticking it to killjoy US movie moguls would cost a hell of a lot more than a paltry hundred quid, wouldn't you? An absolute steal.

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