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CyberHome CH-DVR 750 DVD Recorder
  • CyberHome CH-DVR 750 DVD Recorder

CyberHome CH-DVR 750 DVD Recorder

VH what?

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    Chewed up tapes, dodgy tracking, crummy playback, clunking mechanisms - if ever there was a format past its sell-by date, VHS is it. Of course, most of us now enjoy the multiple advantages of DVD, but we've still got a video sandwiched under the telly because we need to playback our beloved video collection and tape stuff off the box.

    Cyberhome CH-DVR 750 DVD Recorder This is just one of the reasons why there has never been a better time to get hold of a DVD Recorder. As well as allowing you to convert and bin those bulky tapes and camcorder movies, these ingenious machines can record stuff off the TV directly onto crystal-clear DVD. What's more, DVD has proved beyond doubt that it's no Betamax-style, here-today-gone-later-today format. Just ask Mr Blockbuster

    The trouble is most decent DVD recorders are jawdroppingly pricey. But not so the ludicrously low-priced CyberHome. Beautifully built and seriously sleek, the high quality CyberHome is abso-digi-lutely jam-packed with features, and it's guaranteed to expedite your video recorder's journey to the knacker's yard.

    This chic, multifunctional recorder can handle a whole heap of disc formats, (including DVD+RW, DVD-Video, CD-R, CD-RW, Audio CD, MP3 and SVCD), and it's a doddle to operate.

    Cyberhome CH-DVR 750 DVD Recorder The CyberHome's ability to accommodate DVD+RW means that you can edit programs as you're making a disc. Simply get busy with the handy add/delete buttons and you'll only commit to disc the segments you want to keep. You can also add chapter markers, segment markers and thumbnail images in less time than it takes to rewind a videotape.

    Cyberhome CH-DVR 750 DVD Recorder Handy on-screen menus make setting up the CyberHome a breeze. And videoing, sorry, DVD-ing stuff is easy peasy. Simply press 'Rec' or use the programmable timer or VideoPlus function. You can also transfer your home videos on to disc via the CyberHome's handy front sockets.

    The CyberHome comes complete with a smart remote control and all the leads, batteries, cords and cables to get you started. Best of all, it does everything the expensive big boys can at a fraction of the cost. VH what?

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