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Cyber Clean
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Cyber Clean

The slime that's spick and span!

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    Cyber Clean

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    Cyber Clean works.

    Are you reading this at your computer? Ever looked between the keys? Right down, between those cracks that you don't like to think about? Yuck. You can bet that your equipment's nooks and crannies are dirtier than a dog's hindquarters and contain more germs than can be good for you. It's pretty disgusting, and that's why some genius has come up with Cyber Clean, a silly-putty-like slime that blots out the muck from every crevice of your keyboards with a grime-slapping antibacterial action.

    Cyber Clean

    Press Cyber Clean onto your dirty keyboard

    In the world of B-Movies, most blobs tend to scour out small towns, blotting up humans and swelling to gargantuan proportions. Cyber Clean won't spend its time gobbling up your neighbours and rampaging through the high street, it's far more useful than that. While compressed-air sprays and tiny brushes will just move the dirt around in your keyboards, telephones and other electrical gadgets, this devilish ooze will splurge into every tiny corner, swallow up dead skin, hair and food and absorb it back into itself.

    Cyber Clean

    Peel to reveal a clean keyboard!

    And that's not even the clever part. Because it's made from an unique antibacterial formula, the dirt is actually neutralised and sanitised while it's inside the putty - up to 80% of all germs can be destroyed in this way. You'll have a work station that's cleaner than the Jonas Brothers' naughtiest dreams - now that's very clean indeed.

    The diagram lets you know when you need a new blob!

    The diagram lets you know when you need a new blob!

    It might take a bit of getting used to - having a blob of weird goo as your office saviour doesn't come naturally - but pretty soon you'll be wondering just how you managed without it. And when your blob has finished its life cycle, it changes colour to let you know that it's time to chuck it in the bin and start again with a new one. Now don't worry about your blob getting feelings of rejection, which turn into feelings of revenge, then the invasion of small towns, gobbling up the neighbours, etc - it's completely biodegradable, so when it get lobbed in the bin it'll just fade away to nothing after a while. If only the food in that manky keyboard of yours could do the same, eh?

    Cleaning the Car with the New Blue Cyber Clean

    Clean your dashboard!

    NEW: Cyber Clean Blue
    The innovative slime-based cleanser that provides sparkle to keyboards is now available for cars and boats. With its superbly fresh mint fragrance this blue wonder gunk is ideal for retrieving Rich Tea crumbs from that deep join in your seat and banishing dust from dirty dashboards. And unlike cheap 12V vacuum cleaners, Cyber Clean Blue won’t wear down your battery or end up in a landfill; in fact it is totally biodegradable.

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