Cyber Clean Shoe-Rx
  • Cyber Clean Shoe-Rx

Cyber Clean Shoe-Rx

And I thought they smelled bad on the outside!

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    Cyber Clean Shoe-Rx

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    Have you looked inside your shoes? Probably not. And believe us, if you’re a shoe lover, you really don’t want to. All manner of nasties lurk within, from simple dirt particles to potentially harmful germs and odour-causing oojamiflips. So why not give shoes a total clean out with Cyber Clean Shoe-Rx.

    This miraculous gloopy compound has been created to clean deep inside your shoes, right down to seams and crevices. Simply squish it in and pull it out. You’ll be amazed (and quite possibly revolted) by what it slurps up. Thankfully Cyber Clean Rx’s ‘one-way membrane effect’ means dirt, odour and bleurgh is absorbed into the compound and won’t migrate to your mitts. Phew!
    Cyber Clean Shoe-Rx Cyber Clean Shoe-Rx Cyber Clean Shoe-Rx

    Deodourise the inside of your shoe

    Get to those hard to reach places

    Clean up any muck on the outside too

    Cyber Clean Shoe-Rx

    Keep your favourite sneakers fresh!

    But it’s not just the inside of your shoes; this amazing stuff will also clean ‘em on the outside, removing dirt, muck and more. Think of it as an all-in-one valet service for shoes. Failing that think of it as an odour, dirt and muck sucking goo that keeps shoes pristine, box fresh and odour free. It’s even scented for extra freshness. Mmm…clean shoes.

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