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Cute Overload Calendar
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Cute Overload Calendar

The aww factor

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    Cute Overload Calendar on a desk top

    Aaww, little doggy face!

    This world can be a miserable place, so thank goodness for palm-size puppies, fuzzy chicks and wiggly-nosed bunny rabbits. No, we haven't regressed into toddlers (not that it would take much). We've been cheering ourselves up with the Cute Overload Calendar.

    Based on the phenomenally popular, award-winning weblog filled with photos and videos of supercute animals, this fur-squishingly uplifting desktop calendar is just the ticket for animal lovers, fans of all things kitsch and anyone who thinks kittens' paw pads look like little baked beans. Aaww!

    Cute Overload Calendar on a desk top

    365 days of cuteness!

    Crafted from recycled paper, the Cute Overload Calendar features page after page of sheer animal adorability, from baby pandas and snoozing kittens to cuddly koalas and ikkle hedgehogs. What's more, each picture is accompanied by a heart-warming caption that's guaranteed to elicit feelings of deep joy.

    But don't just take our word for it. Time magazine voted Cute Overload 'number one mood lifter' in its 50 Coolest Websites issue. If this non-stop parade of utterly delightful critters doesn't bring a smile to your face we can only assume you're a heartless cynic who enjoys snapping the legs off gingerbread men.

    Put on your desk or hang on your wall

    Pull out the stand (for your desktop) or hang on your wall

    With 313 colourful pages (Saturday and Sunday are combined on one page) of impossibly cute pictures, this enchanting calendar makes a brilliant pressie for friends and relatives of all ages, even if you're being deeply ironic. We've yet to find anyone who hasn't been charmed, and our office if full of bah humbug Meldrews who think Bambi's mum deserved to die. Some of us are so hard we even laughed when they took Dumbo away in that cage *sniff*.

    Look, the point is everyone needs a calendar and, despite its sugary nature, this one is far less likely to induce feelings of nausea than the 2010 offering from JLS. So what are you waiting for? Get ordering and prepare to be smitten by a feast of velvety paws, perky tails and squishy brows. Aawww!

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