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Everybody needs a Cushtie for a pillow

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    Massage Cushtie

    NEW: Massage Cushtie

    Having consulted a thesaurus, we've concluded that there simply aren't any words in the English language that adequately describe the indescribably soft and squishy Cushtie. 'Squashie' and 'doughie' are both pretty good, but even words like smooshable, snuggleuppable and squishalicious don't do this amazing pillow justice. And we just made them up!

    Short of cuddling a foam fondant in a sea of sponge on the Planet Polystyrene, in a galaxy of bubbles in the doughnut dimension, Cushtie is the most comfortable thing to snuggle into in the entire universe. Indeed, we think it's the most blissfully comfortable pillow ever!

    Cushties Cushties Cushties

    Grab it

    Squash it

    Twist it

    The secret to Cushtie staggering squeezability (yes, we made that word up, too) is its gorgeously stretchy outer skin, which encases thousands of super-soft polystyrene micro-granules. This allows Cushtie to mould itself into the shape it's being pressed into - be it your head, hands, face or body. And no matter what you do to Squishties, its bead filling will just squish it back into shape. It really has to be squished to be believed.

    Cushties dimensions (L350mm x Dia.160mm) make it an ideal travelling companion. And although it's not as compact, it makes your average blow-up travel pillow seem about as comfy as a jagged breeze-block coated in sandpaper. The immensely huggable Cushtie is great for grabbing forty winks at work, as it brings desk and head together in perfect squishable harmony. If the boss asks what you're doing, simply hand over your Cushtie and watch as another unsuspecting person falls victim to its ludicrously smooshable charms.





    Sold in its own swish little carry bag, Cushtie is so comforting you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. Whether you're hugging it in bed, snuggling it in front of the telly, or simply massaging it to relieve stress, Cushtie really is the most mmmm-able, aaahhh-able, zzzzzz-able thing in the whole world!


    Travel Cushties

    Travel Cushties
    The perfect travelling companion, the smooshable Travel Cushties comes with a carry bag that holds more than just a comfy journey. The clear organizer bag will hold all your travel essentials - tickets, passports, maps, Cushties - in one of its many pockets.

    Cushties Cushties Cushties

    Carry bag

    Black, pink and blue

    Zip pockets

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