Curry Lovers' Chutney Gift Pack
  • Curry Lovers' Chutney Gift Pack

Curry Lovers' Chutney Gift Pack

Just when you thought you’d tried everything...

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    Having a spoonful of Peach Mango

    Mmm peach mango!

    Curry lovers, assemble! *blows the ceremonial rolled-up naan bread* Because we’ve found something you almost certainly won’t have tried before.

    Fresh from the distant shores of the Isle of Wight comes the Curry Lovers’ Chutney Gift Pack. Yes, the apostrophe has mysteriously fallen off their packaging, but that's not going to spoil the tantalising flavour of these spectacular preserves. They’re an absolute must for anyone with a taste for Indian cuisine.

    Seasoned connoisseurs of pickles and preserves, the Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight have crafted these two versatile chutneys to accompany any curry dish. Spoon a generous dollop of Peach and Mango into your meal for a sweet and fruity twist, with more richness than your average mango chutney. It even makes a great dipping sauce on its own with a pile of poppadoms.

    Curry Lovers Gift Pack

    (From L-R) Cheeky Monkey Banana Chutney and Peach and Mango Chutney

    Or if you’re really daring, why not try the infamous Cheeky Monkey Banana Chutney. It absolutely shouldn’t work. Every fibre of it is a total tongue-wrong. But by Curious George it tastes amazing. A sweet and fruity blend with garlic, this decidedly different chutney is the one for the curry-lover who thinks they’ve tried everything. It’s even great as a sandwich filling. Once you’ve tried it, your favourite curry dishes will never be the same again. So gather your friends, call the takeaway, karate chop the poppadoms and enjoy.

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