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Cupcake Kit

Seriously Stylish Baking

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    Good looking, sweet and wholesome. We all love Nigella Lawson. And we also love one of the delicious treats that she’s always on about: the mighty cupcake. No longer is the cupcake the dry and dusty long-life confection of old: it’s been reborn into an iced wonder-sponge with a world of flavoursome possibilities. Now you can tap into the trend that’s as easy on the tum as it is the eye, with a brilliant new kit that gets your baking your own fancy treats in a trice.

    There’s a world of occasions that call for a good cupcake. Afternoon teas, weddings, birthdays, a treat for your workmates - at times, even breakfast. Or is that just us? We even suspect that international political summits would benefit from the provision of a good cupcake too. But how do you master this alchemical art? How do make cake as good as grandma, without having to grow a light beard and wear lavender oil?

    Here’s how: the Cupcake Kit. It comes with all you need to get the oven set to 180 and get baking immediately: 14 recipes for every mouth-watering style you could think of, 250 cute cupcake liners that will have your admirers cooing, even a pastry bag and piping nozzles to create one-off effects in your icing that would make a sculptor wheeze with envy.

    Whether you’re whipping up a batch of blueberry, creating a cacophony of coffee and toffee, or fluttering through the chocolate butterfly versions, you’re guaranteed to please anyone with a set of taste buds and a hankering for top cupcake action. There’s never been a better way to win round people – forget management training and self-help: now is the time of the cupcake.

    So be the first on the block to whack choca-mocha-pecan-sprinkles in a cupcake – get hold of this kit and you’ll be wondering why anyone bothers buying in their cakes at all!

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