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Cuddly Hottie
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Cuddly Hottie

Awwww, bless!

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    Cuddling the Cuddly Hottie Bear

    Awww... cuddle up with Bear!

    We thought we were as tough as old boots - we only found Bambi mildly upsetting, we only use moisturiser before beddy-byes and we only kiss teddy-weddy when nobody is watching - but Cuddly Hotties are so cute we just can’t get enough of ‘em.

    These impossibly cute ikkle critters have got to be the cuddliest bedtime companions in the history of cuddledom, because as well as being huggaliciously warm, they’re gently scented with relaxing lavender to aid restful sleep.

    Each irresistible Cuddly Hottie has a removable tummy that can be warmed in the microwave. Simply heat it up, squish it back inside your furry friend and get snuggling. Awwww, bless.

    Gorilla Lion Bear




    As high-rolling gadgetmeisters we’re not really into soft toys but take it from us, Cuddly Hotties make traditional teddy-weddies look seriously old hatty-watty. And whilst we realise your favourite teddy probably has its own distinctive aroma, musty fur with a hint of mothballs is incomparable to the soothing scent of lavender. Indeed you might even find your warm new friend muscling in on teddy’s longstanding role as number one bedtime companion.

    Opening the pouch on the Lion Cuddly Hottie

    Inside the pouch is
    the removable tummy

    Speaking of bed, although Cuddly Hotties are perfect night time buddies, they love being snuggled throughout the day. Cuddle up to one on the sofa and you’ll never want to let it go. But let it go you must, because unless you’re under ten-years-old you’ll look pretty silly snuggling a warm lion, gorilla or bear on the 8.15 to Euston.

    Before we nod off completely you ought to know that Cuddly Hotties are softer, snugglier, cuddlier and sweeter smelling than any other soft toy going. So hurry up and hit the Buy button or you might miss…zzzzzz.

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