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  • Cubisto


Make a modern art sandwich

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    Marvel at the 3D goodness!

    Cubisto might sound like a gravy-drinking superhero but it's actually a revolutionary framing system that allows you to display cherished items and collectables in a unique new way. And that's got to be good news because shelves and sideboards are seriously last century.

    The idea is to sandwich your nick-nacks (no sniggering at the back!) between the two sheets of ultra-stretchy transparent material within each Cubisto block. Simply pull the block apart, pop in your item of choice and snap back together. Hey presto, your favourite 3D object appears to be floating in mid-air. It's a bit like that portal thingy that General Zod gets imprisoned in at the start of Superman. Well that's what we think.


    Framing made simple (and awesome)


    Easy in, easy out!

    If youÂ’re into collecting urban toys (such as Qees etc) or Star Wars figures, Cubisto blocks are just the ticket as they can be interlocked. Simply stack 'em and rack' em to your heart's content. We've put our Star Wars bounty hunter figures in several Cubistos and the effect is most impressive. (What us, geeks?). Indeed obsessive collectors will love Cubisto blocks because as well as being reusable they allow onlookers to gawp at beloved bits and bobs from all angles without touching them.


    Clearly brilliant

    Even if you're not into collectables you can use Cubisto frames to display virtually anything you fancy, from cherished items to artistic tat: that box of matches Simon le Bon wrote his number on (what, haven't you got one?), a miniature bottle of your favourite tipple, the gear knob from your first car, a bar of retro chocolate - the possibilities are endless. And because the see-through material is so durable and pliable you can squeeze some extremely awkward-shaped objects inside.

    Until someone invents a mini anti-gravity storage system for under £15 we can think of no better way to display your favourite things. So order a Cubisto pronto and make yourself a nice nick-nack sandwich.

    Cubisto DO's and DON'Ts:
    • DO be creative! Frame and re-frame as often as you like
    • DO clean Cubisto with a soft dry cloth
    • DO refresh stretched cubisto with a hair dryer with a concentrator attachment (see included instructions)
    • DON'T over-stretch Cubisto
    • DON'T use any sharp objects, objects with sharp edges or any severe protrusion that could puncture the film
    • DON'T spray with water or cleaners or submerge in water
    • DON'T over-shrink or burn Cubisto film. (see included instructions)
    • DON'T attempt to refresh Cubisto film with object(s) inside
    • DON'T frame hand painted or porous items that could adhere to the Cubisto film

    More detail and specification