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    Cube World Places: Global Getaway

    Global Getaway: A bigger
    cube to play with!

    Wouldn't it be cool if you could send the Cube World gang to the circus, a rock concert or even on holiday to all corners of the cube? With Block Bash and Global Getaway you can do exactly that and more. These clever 'place' cubes act as fun hubs where your sticky pals can hang out, play hilarious games and visit crazy new places.

    Cube World Places: Block Bash with Cube WorldBuild an even bigger Cube World!

    Cube World Places
    Much bigger than regular cubes with sound to boot, Cube World Places already contain several existing residents. But attach other cubes and the characters will pile in and start indulging in countless stick-related shenanigans. And the more you stack the more they interact. Whether they're hogging the beach, partying all hours or headbanging at a gig, the pixelated fun just never stops!

    Cube World Series 3

    Cube World: Series Three

    Cube World
    If you thought Tamagotchi were ludicrously compelling, wait until you feast your eyes upon the crazy characters that inhabit Cube World. And no, that's not a superstore that sells boxes; it's an interactive place where pixelated stick people live, play and pester each other. Confused? You should be, because unless you're reading this from a black and white cartoon parallel dimension we guarantee you've never seen anything quite like Cube World.

    Basically each Cube World contains a little pixelated stick man who lives and plays inside. There are loads of characters to collect and each one has a different hobby or job.

    Cube World Series 1

    Cube World: Play games with your cube

    Buttons on the front of each cube allow you to control your virtual stick man to do everything from kick ups and pull ups to snake charming and juggling, but he will also entertain himself depending on his mood. And that's something you can influence, because each cube features motion sensors that allow you to tumble your stick man around so that he falls around the screen. On a particularly rough day he might even bang his head against the wall, talk to Ralph on the great white telephone or shake his fist at you.
    Cube World

    The Stick Character will entertain himself!

    But here's the really clever bit: when Cube Worlds are connected the stick men will interact with each other and leap into neighbouring screens. You can arrange your cubes in any configuration as long as the cubes are touching squarely. Once linked you never know what the characters will do - they might perform an impromptu synchronised dance routine, play leapfrog, have a group hug, a tug of war, or indulge in a full on punch up!

    Cube World: Series One

    Cube World: Series One

    Cube Worlds are brilliantly entertaining take-anywhere companions, and because you can connect up to 16 cubes the possibilities are endless. One of our stick men even bungee jumped from the top of a cube tower we created. It's this random behaviour that makes them so incredibly compelling. Let the Cube World craze commence!

    Cube World Places:
    Cube WorldGlobal Getaway
    Cube WorldBlock Bash
    NEW Cube World Series 4:
    Cube World 4Slugger
    is a baseball player
    Cube World 4Slam
    is a basketball player
    Cube World 4Kicks
    is a football player
    Cube World 4Grinder
    is a skater
    Cube World Series 3:
    Cube WorldToner
    is an office worker
    Cube WorldDash
    is a delivery guy
    Cube WorldChief
    is a cop
    Cube WorldSparky
    is a fireman
    Cube World Series 2:
    Cube WorldHandy
    is Cube World's handy man
    Cube WorldDusty
    keeps his cube cleanest
    Cube WorldMic
    rocks the microphone
    Cube WorldHans
    is the fitness freak
    Cube World Series 1:
    Cube WorldDodger
    enjoys kicking his ball
    Cube WorldWhip
    is a dab hand at rope tricks
    Cube WorldSlim
    plays with a stick
    Cube WorldScoop
    interacts with his dog

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