Crude Crockery
  • Crude Crockery

Crude Crockery

Derogatory Drinks

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Sh*t Hot right now
  • Let them know how you really feel
  • Subtle and understated design
  • Hand-stamped with classic serif lettering
  • Much beloved by sluts, bitches and tossers alike


The workplace is often a rather stale and inoffensive environment – everyone's afraid of stepping on each other's toes, no one ever says what they really feel. What if there was a slightly more sophisticated and understated way to convey your grievances. Crude Crockery is the long overdue solution to this age old problem.

These beautiful contemporary mugs have been subtly hand stamped with a variety of choice offensive words in classic serif lettering. The perfect combination of rudeness and refinement – they can't even get mad, and if they drink from the cup it's almost as though they agree with you!

It doesn't have to be this way. Let loose years of unspoken repression and stock up your cupboard with high quality porcelain in one fell swoop.

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