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Crossword Puzzle Mug
  • Crossword Puzzle Mug

Crossword Puzzle Mug

Drink your words

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  • Don't do a crossword over a cup of coffee - do it on one
  • Your morning power up just got a lot more intellectual
  • You get emailed a new, printable crossword each month
  • Wash off the old answers and have a pop at your new puzzle
  • Comes complete with pencil and quiz number one
  • What’s that? Yeah, you heard right. It’s dishwasher safe


If, like us, you still spend 6-7 hours of your day sobbing over the loss of Crosswits - this product may quell your sorrow by an hour or two.

The Crossword Mug is an ingenious bit of crockery if ever there was one. Your passion for piping hot beverages and word puzzles have just collided, and aren’t the results just magnificent? Each month you’ll get a new crossword emailed to you, all you need to do is wash off the old answers, slap back on the ol’ thinking cap and you’re away.

No, it won't fill that gaping Tom O'Connor shaped hole your life has so long bore, but it might just make it all a bit more bearable.

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