Crossboccia Indoor Boules
  • Crossboccia Indoor Boules

Crossboccia Indoor Boules

Boules to the wall

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    Throw closest to the jack to win!

    Well thank goodness. We were just saying the other day it’s about time someone reinvented boules for the Parkour generation. We can’t remember where we were at the time, but someone must have heard our delirious cries. Because we’ve just discovered Crossboccia.

    Just like boules, Crossboccia is all about throwing weighted shapes at a target ball. Only with Crossboccia (pronounced ‘cross-botch-ia’) you use beanbags instead of large silver orbs. What’s the difference? Well, instead of being limited to playing on gravel, sand or a well-tended lawn you can play anywhere you like – indoors or outdoors, countryside or innercity. And as for rules... there are no rules! Except to get your beanbag the closest to the target ball.

    ball designs

    Comes with two designs of ball

    Each player has three beanbags with which to make their bid for glory. Take it in turns to throw one at a time, lob one after another, or do as we do and hurl all three at once. You can play Crossboccia off walls, over rooftops, through windows or between floors. Explore your surroundings, experiment with 3D spaces and push your local council to the limit. See, it’s almost exactly like Parkour.

    And why not? After all, boules and Parkour (or Freerunning) both originate from France. And as you’ll see from Crossboccia, the two go together like wine and cheese.

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