Crooked Treehouse
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Crooked Treehouse

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    Close up of the wonky door

    Cool wonky clubhouse door

    Here in Blighty your average backyard treehouse usually takes the form of a few planks of hastily nailed together four by two. Even the best ones look distinctly average. That’s why most families choose to clutter the garden with those flimsy nylon wendy house things. But all that is about to change thanks to the totally surreal Crooked Treehouse.

    No, your eyes do not deceive you; this whimsical looking treehouse really does look like something from a classic cartoon. We half expected Huckleberry Hound to open the door when we first climbed inside. (Yes, of course we’ve tested it).


    Plan outline

    Built to order by the architectural design geniuses over at Enchanted Creations, the Crooked Treehouse is guaranteed to become a much-loved feature in any garden, no matter how old you are. You don’t even need a tree as this wonderfully wonky, hand-made pad comes with its own. Yes, really.

    Close up of the base

    Hollowed out tree base

    A hollowed out tree trunk (sourced from managed forests around the UK) allows kids to step through the door and climb a ladder to the clubhouse above. Smaller kids and less agile adults can use the stairs up to the balcony. How cool is that! It even boasts a side swing, rear monkey bars, porch, micro-porous weatherproof roof and log window.

    Of course quality like this does not come cheap. But the Crooked Treehouse will last a lifetime – probably longer. Besides, the way the property market’s going you could always use it as a second home when the bailiffs come a-knocking after you’ve blown all your cash on, er, a high quality handmade treehouse for the kids.

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