Crocodile Curry
  • Crocodile Curry

Crocodile Curry

Croc, stock and Thai special vegetables.

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    Like sharks, snakes and piranha fish, the crocodile is one of those creatures that gets a bad rap for no good reason. Perhaps crocs are considered unappealing simply because they look a bit evil. It can't be the deadly teeth; after all, grizzly bears and lions are equally dangerous and you don't see them vilified on World's Deadliest Animals IV every week. The reality is crocodiles have been around longer than almost any other critter on earth, and respect is due to any animal that survived the global environmental changes that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.

    All of which (sort of) begs one question: how do you turn a reptile considered vicious and malicious into something delicious and nutritious? Simple, you bung it in a curry! And that's exactly what our good friends at Edible have done. Green Crocodile Curry does exactly what it says on the tin and tastes so good you'll be stocking up faster than you can say "Strewth mate, this little fella's getting a bit cranky."

    Crocodile Curry

    Delicious with steamed rice, this traditional Thai-style green curry is made with fresh Thai herbs and spices, and contains tender morsels of farm-raised crocodile fillet and rare Thai vegetables. Health conscious Firebox fans will be pleased to know that crocodile meat is a healthy alternative to other white meats and contains low levels of fat and virtually no cholesterol. Why not serve it to unsuspecting guests at your next dinner party and make them guess what they're eating? We guarantee initial shock will turn to fascination followed by demands for second helpings. It really is that yummy!

    Crocodile Curry

    No, YOU eat the Crocodile...

    Our resident reptilian expert over at the Firebox Flora & Fauna Research Outpost tells us crocodiles can live for over a century, and that they can wait a year between meals. Unfortunately we can't, so we're off to heat up a few more cans. Why not order yours right now? After all, it's not every day you get a predator in your curry!

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